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– It’s all been worth it.

Posted on 17th April 2012

       Before treatment                              After treatment


This patient came to the practice as new patient interested in braces to straighten her upper teeth.  She did not like the tooth on the left hand side between her front tooth and canine tooth as she felt it protruded and was longer compared to the other teeth.


The patient discussed braces initially, however Mr Somal  gave two additional treatment options, veneers and direct composite veneers .  Mr Somal demonstrated the look the patient could achieve by adding composite filling material to the teeth.


With this information the patient decided on the composite veneers treatment on 3 of her front teeth along with tooth whitening.


 The tooth whitening needed to be completed prior to the veneers in order for the composite veneers to match in with the natural teeth.  The whitening process involved having bespoke upper and lower whitening trays made which took approximately 2 weeks in the lab.  The patient applied the whitening gel to the trays for a few hours during the day over a 3 weeks period to get the desired result.


Once the patient was happy with the shade of her teeth the veneers could be done.  We allowed the shade of the teeth to settle for a couple of weeks before a final appointment completed the procedure.  The composite veneers were completed with a single appointment and matched to the colour of the patients natural teeth.